Monday 9 October 2023

Me on Monday

 We start the weekend after a busy weekend of sunshine and good times!

We are having the most unusual weather here in the UK at the moment - lovely sunny days and temperatures in the 20s.  Which has been very fortunate as on Friday we had to have a tree in our garden removed.  It was sad to see it go but it has been dying for the last three years, we've tried all we can to save it but it to no avail.  At least with the nice weather Paul has been able to spend time in the garden preparing the soil for the replacement (very much smaller) tree to be planted.

On Saturday we had plans to visit friends who have moved close to Frinton-on-Sea.  When we put the date in the diary we could not have predicted that it would be warm enough to have a barbecue in the garden, or a nice sunny walk along the seafront afterwards.  Nor could we have known that it would be the weekend that they decided to close one whole carriageway of the A12 which meant a diversion which added 30 mins onto our journey!  

Then on Sunday it was party time for our Zumba class.  A combination of three things, the launch of the new name for our teacher's health and fitness company, a pre-farewell party before she leaves to travel around South America for six months (when she is originally from) and a fund raiser for a charity called Meninadanca . Raising money to help save the girls who are 'sold' along the 2,700 mile BR-116 highway in Brazil.  One girl every ten miles of the road on average.  The charity raises money to build 'Pink Houses' where girls can find support, refuge and a place to dance and have fun.  It was a huge eye-opener and very thought provoking.

Later today we have our flu vaccinations so I am expecting a bit of a sore arm tomorrow, then our Covid jabs are booked for Saturday.  It will be good to have all that done before Winter sets in!  

Warm weather predicted for the rest of the week so just time to tidy up the garden before we return to autumn. How’s your week ahead looking?


Ruth said...

It's like that tree was never there!
The charity you mentioned sounds like one in need of support - that these things happen in the world today is horrendous.

Patio Postcards said...

What pretty location your friends have moved to. Lucky that your first visit was balanced; good weather, good food, not so good traffic delays. How kind that your Zumba teacher organizes such an important charity. It breaks my heart that such places are needed. Human trafficking is such a scourge to all societies. Hopefully new tree planting goes well.

Jennifer said...

Good-bye tree. The spot left behind does not look incredibly bare - at least not in the photo. Hooray for lovely days to spend with friends (but boo on road closures and traffic! the bane of my existence!) The whole topic/situation of human trafficking is overwhelming. Glad you could do something - even if just a bit -to help out! Happy Monday to you. I did stop by on Friday - for a cup of tea....thank you! - but forgot to comment.

Barbara Eads said...

We have lost many trees---it hurts!! And then when the neighbor behind us cut down all the woods to put in a pool, I was horrified! Anyway, it sounds like Paul has done a good job preparing the soil for the new tree. I hope it settles in just fine. It's a great time of year to be spending outside.

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

You get to all the places on my list - Frinton being one, Southwold another!
Hope your flu jab was OK, no reaction from me or my mum. I'm sadly not entitled to the Covid jab this time.
Have a good week.

♥ Liz ♥ said...

Glad you got to spend time with friends, despite the extra travelling time. Human trafficking is a terrible thing and hopefully the money you helped raise will go to supporting those young girls.
I hope the tree planting and flu jabs go well. said...

Thank you for sharing and supporting Meninadanca. I have the tab open to the link you supplied. Have never heard of this extreme abuse and cruelty. This is a mean old world we live in.

We were very concerned that one of our trees had fried in the excessive summer temperatures but it has come back out. PC dug some holes around the drip line of its foliage and inserted PVC pipe into the holes and then puts the garden hose into the pipe to deep water the tree. It has worked. Thank goodness. I am sorry you lost your tree. They leave such holes in our line of sight when they are cut down. Hope you find a fast growing, hearty replacement.

Sounds like the afternoon with friends seaside was most enjoyable. We need a getaway so badly. Even just overnight somewhere. Lauren and family are just back from the New Mexico mountains where they cavorted with deer and elk. I am jealous!!