Tuesday 24 February 2009

Almost half a page

Following my photographic journey on Monday, I have started to put together the double page layout for the home/neigbourhood part of H T & E. It still looks a bit bare but I want to get the other half of it done before I put too many embellishments on it. I'm a little scared to put anything on the Two Peas website because, is it just me or are those American Scrappers a bit too professional?! I feel a bit intimidated!

Going up to see my boy tomorrow and I can't wait. I spent this afternoon at the funeral of one of his old school friends and it made me feel so sad. It was absolutely heartbreaking and really makes you realise that we truly should make the most of every minute that we have, and never take things for granted. My heart goes out to Nola and Steve. May their memories give them comfort and strength. Rest in peace, Nick.


Unknown said...

The thing with posting stuff on websites is, I reckon only people who've scrapped for years post. The rest of us are too intimidated! I say post and be damned :)

Unknown said...

Well done :)