Monday 23 February 2009


I have quite literally been on a bit of a journey this morning. I decided that I cannot keep putting off making a start on the H,T & E project and so have been trying to make my mind up how to approach this. So I have made a decision, I am doing the first pages as a kind of mini timeline as to how we ended up where we are. Fortunately, we have always stayed local so I didn't clock up too much mileage! I decided to go and photograph the homes we have had during our married life.
Firstly the little two bedroom terrace house that was our first home together and where we gradually got used to being Mr & Mrs. After a few years there, Paul had finished his degree course, changed jobs and the thought of maybe starting a family crossed our minds. So we moved. Into a three bedroom link detached house about a mile away from our first home. It felt so big after our little house and now we had a garage too!
Baby one arrived and three years later, baby two. It wasn't long before the house that had seemed so big, now felt cramped. Toys were taking over the lounge, the nursery was too small to contain an adventurous toddler and we needed to move on. We didn't have to look far. Just across the road was another estate that we always liked the look of but was always slightly out of our reach. We decided the time was right to give ourselves a little extra push and luckily everything fell into place and we moved into the home we are still in today - almost 18 years later.
It was quite nostalgic going back and looking at our old homes and I am pleased that neither of them looked dramatically different to how I remembered them. Ah, memories! Looking forward to now getting it all down in a layout.

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