Sunday 8 February 2009


After weeks of investigating and negotiating, we have finally found somewhere to spend a week at Easter! Had to be somewhere hopefully warmer than here, flying out from Stansted on either a Saturday or Sunday and preferably somewhere we hadn't been before. We ended up with a choice of Gran Canaria or Tunisia and we have chosen Tunisia. It's not somewhere I have ever considered going to in the past but the more I read about it, the more it appealed. Also we've been to three of the other Canary Islands and I am sure that GC is not much different to the others. But Tunisia will be very different!
Paul would be happy to just read a brochure and listen to a travel agent, but investigation for me revolves round Googling the hotels, and then going on Tripadvisor, Holiday and Holidays uncovered to read what holidaymakers have said on their return. If I can find positive comments on all three, I feel safe to make a booking! Is this just me - or is it a female v male perspective?
Anyway, the hotel looks fab, the beach looks fab, and internet site comments say the food is good so I have my fingers firmly crossed! However, I really do think my wardrobe needs an update, I don't seem to have anything suitable to wear ... ;-)


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...and now you will have to take lots of photos for Shimelle's new class ! xx