Tuesday 17 February 2009

Early bird

It's half term. If I wanted, I could sleep in until lunch time. No need for alarm clocks. So why am I still waking up at 6am? Although to be honest, when the rest of the household are having to get up for work as normal, I'd probably be woken up early anyway!

It's coming up for our son's birthday and this will be the first one in 19 years that we won't be there to see him open his presents :-( It's a strange thought with him waking up and opening his gifts on his own. We never had this issue with our daughter as she is an August birthday so has always been at home.

We are going up to see him next week and we won't have seen him for 6 weeks. I'm really missing him at the moment. When he was still at school I used to arrive home and hear his guitar booming out of the house as I pulled up on the drive (guess our neighbours aren't missing him as much as we are!) and the house would have evidence of his presence in every room. Dirty dishes stacked by the dishwasher in the kitchen - why can teenage boys not load a dishwasher? TV on in lounge despite no one watching it. A trail of wet towels leading from bathroom to bedroom. Guitar music blaring out of bedroom. Computer on in study. I used to moan, but you know what? I miss it so much. I hate coming home to a quiet empty house that looks the same as I left it in the morning. I used to constantly ask him to tidy his room, but I hate the fact that it is so tidy because he isn't in it to mess it up. So on my first day of 'freedom' I decided to do a page dedicated to him in his student environment. I love the fact that he appears happy and settled and embracing all aspects of uni life, but boy, do I miss him being at home.


Denise said...
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Denise said...

Fab page,am loving the corners! Yep know exactly what you mean about the dishwasher xx