Monday 2 February 2009


How pretty everywhere looked when we woke up this morning to about 6" of snow. As I only work part time, I don't work on Mondays anyway but our school was closed so everyone else had a day off too. Train services to London disrupted, so no work for my husband and daughter - a nice extended weekend for us all! So naturally, pictures had to be taken and a scrap page had to be made and here it is

I've used some of the papers and 'rub ons' that I got with my voucher from Bellaboo and I hope I have done them justice! I'm pleased with the result anyway.
Still no further prompt from Shimelle though, do you think she's snowed in somewhere with no internet access?
More to the point, will there be another snow day tomorrow at work? The school I work at is at the top of a private road, therefore no gritters venture up there. As it's snowed more or less constantly all day, I'm guessing it's quite thick up there. Surely it won't melt by tomorrow ..... ;-)


Denise said...

Beautiful page and beautiful photos- I am sitting at work - boo cos I can walk - BUT I managed to fall down half the stairs last night AND fell over this morning walking to work ! Yes - Shimelle's blog seems to be updated but its always on Scrap Your Day ...weird x

Unknown said...

Ooh I love this - I see what you mean about your love of pink :)
Shimelle has been away in the US, and her website "broke" whilst she was away - she couldn't fix it over there, so had to wait until she returned. Which was yesterday or something. So, giving her a chance to recover from jetlag, I'm guessing that we might be in luck by the weekend :)