Tuesday 10 February 2009

Personality traits

I'm gradually getting through the This Year project and my little book is filling up nicely - 3 pages to go. However, yesterday when I was working on a page I realised that this little book is a perfect example of my approach to things.
I was so eager to get this started, and with best intentions to follow the instructions to the letter and learn, improve and get inspired by others. Gathered my 'goodies' together ... extra wait for the start due to website problems ... so when it came through - whoosh! I had to get started. I was like a little scrapping whirling dervish, woe betide anyone who wanted to use the study, the desk was MY territory. Consequently, I did my own thing, didn't try anything new and ended up with same old, same old. After the initial burst of 'gotta get this done', I relaxed, was there a time limit?, had I read all the last instructions? Was I copying Shimelle's layout? no no and no.
So the last few days I have been more creative, I've done what Shimelle suggested, I've taken my time. And you know what? I am more happy with these pages. Now I only have 3 more to do and I want to make these better than the rest.
Someone once told me that you should not approach things as if they are a race, more a marathon. Don't take things too fast, take time to prepare and enjoy. Wise words.

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Denise said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished result, yep it's definitely better to take your time- but maybe not as long as me - tee hee x