Saturday 19 December 2009

and the judges scores are in

A little while ago I mentioned a recipe that Mel had put on her blog. Basically it was for mince pies but insted of pastry top and bottom, you do a pastry bottom, spoonful of mincemeat and then a spoonfull of sponge cake mixture on top. Now I'm not a lover of mince pies but my dear husband is. Once a year he sees the jar of mincemeat in the cupboard and anxiously awaits me saying that I am going to make mince pies. When I told him that this year it would be mince pies with a sponge topping he looked dubious. A pang of disappointment flashed across his face. Trust me, I said, they look delicious. So this afternoon I made Mel's Mince Marvels and the official taster has decreed that they look delicious, they smell delicious and by golly they ARE delicious! Thanks Mel. They came out of the oven just as my son and his girlfriend arrived and they too said that they are fab and better than 'normal' mince pies.
So whilst in a cooking mood I decided to try Delia's Sausage Rolls. You know where you are with Delia Smith, nothing too fancy but she exudes a confidence that makes you convinced that you too can make something that tastes and looks great. I saw her make these on her Christmas cookery programme and liked the idea of the 'easy' flaky pastry that needs no rubbing in of fat to flour. You freeze the butter and then grate it in. No mess, no bits of pastry stuck underneath your fingernails, just perfect pastry. And you know what, it works. It is easy, it is deliciously crispy and flaky and the official taster, who likes sausage rolls as much as he likes mince pies, said that they are fab and that I am to make it again. and again, and again.
That's it, I'm all baked out. Takeaway for tea tonight I think!


Denise said...

Hmmm those mince pies sound yummm- might give those a try for a change ...enjoy your takeaway x

Amy said...

I'm now convinced to make those pies - we're not huge fans but, the sponge wins me over.

Sian said...

I'm nodding in do indeed know where you are with Delia! One of our Christmas favourites is her turkey and ham leftovers pie in the original Christmas book. It works every time. Glad your mince pies were a success!

humel said...

lol - so glad they were a success :-)

I've tagged you on my blog for a Christmas recipe - but feel free to ignore it if you're still baked out, I promise not to be offended :-)