Tuesday 15 December 2009

The countdown begins

My boy is home! it must surely be nearly Christmas if he's home from university! It's so good to have him home again. My husband is looking forward to some 'male' conversation over dinner and someone to discuss the finer aspects of guitar playing with!

Also, school finishes on Friday which is great, ! don't have to go back to work until 4th January - woo hoo! So much work to do in the next few days though, people think it is great to work in a school with all the long holidays but in reality we have to squeeze the normal amount of work into fewer weeks!

Plus - they are forecasting SNOW over the next few days! Wow! Wonder if it will reach us down in Hertfordshire? Wouldn't it be good if we had a snow day for the last day of term ;-)

It's the staff Christmas party on Thursday night, disco night at the local golf club. time for me to call in all my brownie points from picking the husband up after his works parties and get him to do the taxi service!


Amy said...

Deb, today is the last day of the school year here .... we are excited for the long break but, it has been a fun year.
Have a great time at the party - we've got hubby's on Friday night - going to a very posh restaurant! I'm sure the 'eco warrior' will be make a great taxi driver - perhaps you can car pool? That would entice him for sure ;-)

Sian said...

I know how you feel..my brother is home and we are having a lovely time catching up. Enjoy your party!