Friday 11 December 2009

An Ode to Christmas

'twas two weeks before Christmas
just fourteen more sleeps
And a feeling of anxiousness
was starting to creep

Lists were appearing
Wherever you went
And the wife had lost count
of the money she'd spent

A feeling of panic
was starting to show
As she realised there were
just 2 weeks to go

'There's so much to do,
Someone help me' she pleaded
But her cries for assistance
All went unheeded

There's turkeys to buy
And mince pies to make
I'll buy them from Tesco
And pretend I did bake

For there's too much for one
Little person to do
So forgive me for cheating
Happy Christmas to you!


Jennifer Grace said...

hee hee I like it very much! I have only bought two presents so far - arrgghh!!! so much to do!!

Sian said...

Brilliant! I love it! I'm thinking about the weekend thing..would be a great treat in the New Year

humel said...

Love it!! lol! I'd be so much further on with my preparations if I did less bloghopping, but then I'd miss gems like this!

Rachel Brett said...

This is a great poem - so true!