Wednesday 16 December 2009

A day of surprises

Today is my only day off in the week - so that's a good start, right?
Then, having woken to a world looking beautiful in frosty sunlight, the first flakes of snow started falling. So pretty. Feeling more festive already.
Then, I had an email from Robyn over at Made in Brooklyn to tell me that there was an ebook waiting for me here with a code for a free download. How kind!
All plans for the day now scuppered, ebook now downloaded, inspiration flowing. Oh come on, what would you choose - washing 6 weeks worth of student clothing that darling son brought home with him yesterday, followed by a trek into town to brave the supermarkets to fill up the fridge that aforementioned son grazed his way through last night (No raspberry cheesecake brownies left now I'm afraid) or an afternoon in front of the fire with scrapbook supplies making new pages with new ideas from the photos we took of the Christmas Market in Belgium last weekend?


Amy said...

You don't even have to ask what I would be doing!

humel said...

Hmmm..... Need to think about that one..... Weigh up each option carefully before making a considered decision....... Yeah, right!!

PS Look out for another recipe in a few days' time - anything to earn your forgiveness! ;-)

Sian said...

Snow and scrapbooking? Perfect!

Denise said...

No contest !x