Monday 8 April 2019

Me on Monday

This Monday finds me heading off to yoga again.  I enjoyed last week's class even though it reminded me just how little flexibility I have, but there's only one way to cure that isn't there?  

I'm also determined to finish this little project

Where would I be without Youtube?  I learnt to knit back in the olden days when you learnt by talking to someone else who could knit, so you just learnt their ways of doing things but I've decided to check my methods out with Youtube videos and guess what?  There are several things I've been doing wrong!  Well, not doing wrong exactly, but making life harder for myself than it needs to be and I've also discovered new ways of doing things that give a neater end result.  I've been knitting buttonhole bands wrong my whole life, who knew?
Tune in again next week and hopefully there will be a photo of the finished garment.

I'm also looking to find some new recipes to try from these

I treated myself to a subscription to Delicious magazine this year and try to make a few of the recipes from each month's copy.  I also like the Food magazine that you can get free in Waitrose.  Last week we had a light spring chicken casserole with herb dumplings - wowsers, we will be having that again!  So with Easter lunch in mind I'm hoping to find some new things to try - although 92 year old Mother in law doesn't really embrace straying too far from a traditional Sunday roast so wish me luck.  Maybe I'll have a go at one of the cheesecake specials they mention on the cover!

Right, the weeks starts here, happy Monday everybody!


alexa said...

Wishing you a happy Monday too, Deb! Glad to hear you enjoyed the yoga; is that the end of the barre class? And I am admiring your planning ahead for Easter - you've made me realise how close it is!

Patio Postcards said...

Oh that chicken casserole with herb dumplings sound like one that should be shared .... (wink wink, nod nod).

I too need to stretch more, all this sitting is seizing me up. You'll be glad you started back to Yoga. Little Rosie's jumper looks like such delicate knitting.

Ruth said...

I agree that you should share the chicken and dumplings recipe ... please?
Now that we're into the Easter holidays, dog walking and outings with The Boy Child are my only forms of exercise ...
Your wee cardigan is looking wonderful! said...

Yay for heading back to yoga. We are doing a little bit with each trip to the gym. It does bring back some of that flexibility of year's past.

Great work on those darling pieces for baby girl. So delicate. They will become keepsakes, for sure.

Your magazine cover photo reminds me that I paid for a subscription to a magazine I have yet to receive. Ugh. Something else to look into. I am hoping we are going to an Easter buffet that will allow us to enjoy and then not eat weeks of leftovers. One big splurge and back on track.