Thursday 18 April 2019

Thinking Out Loud Thursday

It's Maundy Thursday and we have a long Easter weekend ahead of us so I'm joining in with Penny's fellow bloggers in jotting down what I'm thinking about this Thursday.

I'm shocked and saddened to see the pictures of Notre Dame on the news.  We've been to Paris a couple of times and both times went to Notre Dame.  Such a beautiful, historic, sacred place, I'm sure everyone who has been to Paris has had their photo taken by Notre Dame, I can't imagine Paris without it.

I'm thinking that it's weird that I still think about long weekends and Bank Holidays - now we are both retired, every weekend is a long weekend and there's never any work to go to on any Monday.  Old habits die hard I guess!

I'm planning where I may be able to hide some little eggs to make an Easter egg hunt for Leo when they come round on Easter Sunday.  I need to find safe places where a dog can't reach as Coco does not realise that chocolate and dogs do not mix well.

The Easter Bunny

I'm mentally making lists of things to take with us when we go to my sister's holiday home in Portugal - we've started the 4 week countdown!  

I'm pleased that I've persevered with wearing in my new canvas shoes - they are a lot more comfortable now.  The method that made the most difference?  Wearing them with sports socks!  They stretched the canvas while protecting my feet - must remember that for the future.

I'm relieved that the weather forecast is good for the weekend.  I spent yesterday cleaning the outside furniture and airing the cushions - got the sofa looking nice, turned my back and these two jumped on it before I had the chance to relax and enjoy the fruits of my labours. 

 I should have remembered that old saying 'Never work with animals or children' 😉 

4 comments: said...

That Coco and Leo teaming up!! So cute. Obviously can't turn your back for a sec when they are around.

I saw the words Maundy Thursday on a sign in front of a church the other day. Because I am so unschooled about religion since we never talked or participated in organized religion when I was a child, I didn't know what it was. I asked PC but he was raised Baptist and he wasn't sure what Maundy Thursday was either. And now I read mention of it here which prompted me to look it up. Our church was having a Lord's Supper drama but we missed it. Would like to have gone to learn more. The idea of using a drama or short play appeals to me because in reading about these holidays, I often read and forget.

Would love to have my babies round for an Easter egg hunt. We did it one year with Cady who is now 8. Maybe next year, Lucia can be here. The Mexican tradition of having confetti eggs is a lot of fun but very messy!

Joanne said...

So cute! We have lots and lots of rain in the forecast for the next 3 or 4 days. It has been such a cold and wet spring here but I'm totally fine with that as long we don't get any snow.

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

I use that trick even for leather shoes. Although with leather ones, I will get them (or my socks) wet and then use the hair dryer on them. It totally works. Those are the cutest shoes, so I'm glad they are fitting better.

Ruth said...

Wasn't the weather over Easter glorious! That's a cute photo of Leo and Coco. Miss Tilly managed to snaffle a piece of chocolate that one of our twin great nephews had dropped on the floor ... and she might have pinched one during the Egg Hunt! No obvious side affects, thankfully!