Thursday 25 April 2019

Thinking Out Loud Thursday

How can it possibly be Thursday again?  The weekend went by in a blur and suddenly here we are.  So, joining in again with Penny, this is what I'm thinking about today.

I'm thinking how lucky we are in the UK to have such a wonderful National Health Service.  The care that our daughter and family received when Rosie was taken ill on Easter Sunday was amazing.  Scary stuff, but reassuring that things were being thoroughly checked out by not just our local hospital but the amazing Great Ormond Street.

I'm hoping that I may have finally recharged my batteries after having Leo come to stay while his sister was poorly.  He's a bundle of energy

and my house has never been so glittery

I'm wondering if I've got enough energy to go to Zumba this morning, I think it will do me good to have an hour of dancing.  Get those endorphins flowing again!

I'm in awe of all the people about to run the London Marathon on Sunday.  So many charities will benefit from their run - last night I saw on TV an article on the oldest lady who will be running.  83.  EIGHTY THREE!  And there's me, a mere 61 year old wondering if she's got enough energy to do an hour of Zumba.  Oh the shame.

Short and sweet this week - do you have a few minutes to share what you are thinking about today?


Patio Postcards said...

Deb you have had quite the week. Hoping you have made it to Zumba class. What am I think out loud about today; What do you mean snow is in the forecast for the weekend!

Ruth said...

I'm thinking you've had quite the week! So pleased to hear that Rosie (and her parents) is recovering.
What am I thinking about today? 1) TBC on travel training - he's walking part of the way home from the bus stop ON.HIS.OWN 2) prepping a few scheduled blog posts to cover 3) my upcoming solo travel adventure!