Thursday 30 January 2020

A bit of a knit

I knew it!  Knitting is officially good for you!  Don't take my word for it - it was reported on the tv last night.  On a programme about keeping healthy, Easy Ways to Live Well, so it must be true.  Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall was researching ways to keep his brain healthy and improve his memory and was advised to try knitting.  Now, I am not sure that knitting improves my memory; how many times do I go upstairs and wonder 'what did I come up here for?' and I guarantee that I will often come back from the supermarket with something essential missing from my bag if I don't take a list.  Actually sometimes I write a beautiful comprehensive list and then forget to put that in my bag!

But I'm happy to believe I am exercising some part of my brain by doing something I enjoy so I shall keep my needles busy.  My latest project is something else for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Rosie Hospital in Cambridge (where Max spent his first few days).  These are called bonding squares.  The idea is that one square is kept next to the baby in their cot and the mum keeps the other one next to her skin.  The squares are swapped round regularly so baby always has the smell of mum next to them to help with the bonding process.  It's a lovely idea isn't it?  Obviously, they get through a lot of squares as they are sent home with the baby once they are well enough to go home as a little keepsake.

They are very quick and easy to make and I'm going to finish off the second blue one and then do a couple of white ones too.

Now Paul may think that I'm just sitting down knitting and watching tv, but really I'm doing a work out for my brain.  

The other thing they were showing last night was belly dancing, and I was doing a bit of that this morning at Zumba so I have been exercising everything from top to toe today.  No wonder I'm exhausted!


Catherine said...

The bonding squares are a fantastic idea. Whatever will they think of next? Mind you, I’m not sure how much brain power is required. Maybe that is why I have never been successful with those beautiful lacy knit shawls. I hope Max is continuing to do well. said...

Maybe I do need a new hobby. Wonder if scrapbooking is any good for the memory? I am not feeling its effects if so.

What a precious idea. Bonding squares. Need to share this idea with my daughter who is a NICU nurse. One of the nurses she works with is an expert crochet-er and knitter. I bet she could teach everyone to make these squares. Maybe I need to learn, too.

Love your kind heart. Beautiful colors of yarn.

Jane said...

it's good to know I'm at least doing one thing right!

alexa said...

What a lovely and creative thing to do ... I am sure these will be much appreciated by those who need them; and glad that Max is now doing well. I smiled at your comments on making lists - I've heard it recommended that we make a list at home and then deliberately don't take it shopping, so that we exercise our memory :).

Patio Postcards said...

I do like that idea about the squares keeping Mum & baby bonded. What a kind thing you are doing making those squares & if in the doing it keeps your brain active, well bonus time!

Ruth said...

I now have a mental image of you knitting while belly dancing! But seriously, the knitted bonding squares are a lovely idea.