Wednesday 1 January 2020

A sentence a day in December

OK, ok, I know I'm always early for the Sentence a Day meme but I like to post my month at the beginning of the next one - just call me a rebel 😜

December?  Where has this year gone? Where has this decade gone? So as we now enter the first month of the roaring 20s, this is how the last month of 2019 panned out here.

Day 1 Lazy Sunday - everyone else is posting pictures of their Christmas trees on Facebook, we wait an extra week until the weekend before Paul's birthday #familytradition

Day 2 Shopping in Cambridge, another few bits ticked off my list

Day 3 Posted my overseas mail (post office was suspiciously empty!) Christmas Jumper day at Baby Sensory, Rosie and I both joined in with the theme

Day 4 The childminder has been taken into hospital, so we were called on for emergency child care day today - and Paul was up in London so wasn't here to help!  The most needy 'child' was Coco who always seems to need more attention when the children are here.

Day 5 Zumba in morning, the instructor had certainly taken her multi vitamins this morning, boy did she work us hard!  And just when I was exhausted enough, more childminding in the afternoon ... 

Day 6 A day to myself, shopped in town in morning (another couple of presents bought, my plan to shop local if possible is working) and made sticky toffee pudding to freeze as a substitute for those of us who don't like Christmas pudding, oh, also wrote all my Christmas cards! Out for dinner with girlfriends in the evening and we all turned up in glittery outfits #onlysupposedtobeonesentence

Day 7 Paul went up to London with our son so I spent the day wrapping presents and making mince pies - meal out at my favourite Thai restaurant with four other couples in the evening- forgot to take a photo so you will just have to take my word about how delicious it was!

Day 8 It is a family tradition to do the tree decoration on the Sunday closest to Paul's birthday so guess what we did today?

Day 9 Started making the first of many 'to do' lists for the lead up to Christmas Day

Day 10 Last ever baby sensory for Rosie, classes stop once you turn one - the lady who takes the class was in floods of tears saying goodbye to her 'graduates'

Day 11 Birthday cake making, catching up with the ironing, blitzing the bathrooms, holly wreath buying, busy busy busy kind of day

Day 12 Paul's birthday oh, and voting for the General Election

Day 13 Went to watch Leo in his first nativity concert - thank goodness for waterproof mascara, it was SO cute

Day 14 Woke up with laryngitis, voice has gone completely - Paul seems remarkably pleased 😏 - spent the day cooking two lasagnas (one veggie and one meat), sausage rolls and a tarte tatin for family dinner tomorrow.

Day 15 Everyone over for Sunday lunch and then over to my nephew's house late afternoon to celebrate his son's 16th birthday

Day 16 Had my oven professionally cleaned - it looks brand new and I think we should now live on stir-fries so that it stays that way

Day 17 Looking after grandchildren day and it rained almost all day so no afternoon dog walks to fill in some time!

Day 18 Did some more cooking to put in the freezer - today's offering was mince pies

Day 19 In case you were wondering, an hour of Zumba dancing while wearing a sequinned hat and feather boa leaves you with a hot head and an itchy neck!

Day 20 Wrapped the last presents and made another food list ready for the last minute shop on Monday

Day 21 Popped over to Jon's in the afternoon to hand over presents and went to friends in the evening for pre-Christmas drinks and nibbles

Day 22 Should have had a Fake Christmas Day with mother in law as we won't be seeing her on the 25th but she was too poorly to come over

Day 23 Vegetable shop! I was in Tesco at 8am and home before the crowds arrived, now to find a place to put everything.

Day 24 Christmas Eve - tidying the house, prepping vegetables, laying the table and discovered a present hidden behind a cushion that should have been taken over to Jon's - there is always something that gets forgotten.

Day 25 Christmas Day - it went by in a blur

Day 26 Boxing Day - went over to Jon's for a delicious buffet lunch - he and Sophie are such good cooks, it's a real pleasure to have them cook for us!  Lovely to see the cousins playing together.

Day 27 A day of doing not very much at all - finished reading my book club book, sorted out a jigsaw into straight edges and middle bits, and watched two episodes from my Greys Anatomy DVD.

Day 28 Signed up for a 'Totally Abs - 5 minute a day workout' course being run by my Zumba teacher on WhatsApp #seemedlikeagoodideaatthetime

Day 29 A quiet day of Sunday lunch just for two, a bit more jigsaw puzzling and a nice long dog walk

Day 30 Five minute abs workout is not as easy at it sounds, I've been doing it for two days now and my stomach still does not look anything like my teacher's.

Day 31 New Years Eve - stayed home as we seem to have picked up another virus (blaming it on the grandchildren!) managed to stay awake to see the new year in, and ended up with Coco practically in bed with us as she was so scared of all the fireworks going off near to where we live.  

So 2019 is a wrap, and here's the 1 Second a Day clip to show how December looked over here in Deb's World (There were issues with this earlier, so please excuse if this doesn't play!)

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Patio Postcards said...

Quite a fashionable month (col). Glad everyone is one mend. Watching your vid was just like the month itself, fun.

Cheri said...

Love your 1 second video! You had a busy month and your kids are quite lucky that you are so available for emergency childcare.

Ruth said...

What a fun and busy December! said...

Why you rebel!! Ha! I found it odd to be waiting until this Tuesday to share Sentence a Day, too. But I need to make my 1 second a day video and add my images to my post so glad for a little extra time.

Love your glittery dress. So pretty and feminine. How fun that all of you showed up in sparkles.

Our 3rd grand is finally going to be taken/delivered by C-section on Wednesday. Lauren's health has deteriorated and for her health as well as Cami's, we need to get this show on the road. Rosie is just adorable in your arms in her holiday look. I love headbands on babies. Poor Coco, my kitties can relate to her feelings of needing more attention when the grandbabies are around. My kitties isolated themselves in our bedroom while all the company was here for the holidays. They don't 'do' company well at all.

alexa said...

Gosh, it was all go, wasn't it! Hoping that Paul turned out to be a bit more sympathetic about your losing your voice ... and I had no idea you could have an oven professionally cleaned. I've just spent an hour on mine with three brillo pads. Sigh. Wishing you a very happy New Year!

collettakay said...

I shared my "One Sentence" post first thing this month also. You had quite a busy month as well! I'm you're 50th "follower" :)


Joanne said...

My kids and husband usually don't mind when I get laryngitis either! Hope it was short lived. Good for you for buying local this season. I completely failed and went the whole other route where I didn't step foot in stores but ordered everything online. I just needed streamlined and easy this year.

Rebecca Jo said...

I love more people are using the 1 second a day video - arent they fun?
I love the festive Zumba!!! I bet it was super itchy
December birthdays are tough - but fun you make it a tradition to do the tree around Paul's big day
Kiddos christmas plays - I always get choked up too - so precious