Saturday 30 October 2021

Pigeon Pairs

 Do you know the expression 'Pigeon Pair'?  Rumour has it that pigeons sit on two eggs at a time, and they are always a boy and a girl.

I only learnt this when I had a girl baby followed by a boy.  As the consultant handed me my son she said 'Congratuations!  You now have a pigeon pair.'  I had no idea what she was talking about!  My sister also had a 'pigeon pair', her son and daughter both did too, my daughter did, and now my son has carried on the family tradition!

Yes, we have a new granddaughter - earlier than anyone expected.  Bearing in mind that Max was ten days late no-one had really thought that baby number two would arrive early.  Of course they only moved house last Wednesday so had thought they had at least three weeks to settle in, unpack and get used to their new home.  Mother Nature had other plans!

When my phone rang at 7am on Thursday and my son's name flashed up on the screen I knew something was up.  He's very good at keeping in contact via messages but we don't have that many actual phone calls, especially at 7am! He was ringing to say that S's waters had broken and they were off to hospital.  S's sister had come over to sit with Max and take him to nursery but could we pick him up and have him sleep over that night.  

Of course we could!

However, when they got to hospital they were sent home again as contractions were few and far between.  They went home about 11am and went back at 2pm as things had definitely accelerated.  Baby Olive was born at 3.30pm.  

We went to meet her for the first time this morning and it was love at first sight!

What an eventful time!  Seems like the old saying of 'new home, new baby' was absolutely true. 


Patio Postcards said...

Very exciting news - congratulations Grandma. I've never hear of Pigeon Pairs but I really like the theory. Welcome baby Olive to the world, it's going to be an exciting adventure.

Ruth said...

I'm actually cooing over this photo - I've never heard of pigeon pairs, cute idea, but as I am number 3 (after an older brother and sister), it makes me thing I'm an add-on! :)
Congratulations on your newest grandchild! x

Jennifer said...

Day 2 - Paul slept soundly in the spare room!! Ha...just too funny! Sounds like a lovely - and exciting month:) Congratulations!! Indeed, you look smitten!:)

Barbara Eads said...

Wow! That was fast! You look so happy! New grands tend to cause that! Enjoy baby Olive---and, of course her big brother!