Friday 1 October 2021

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt - the final link up

 Two ways to know summer is over.

1. We have a 'discussion' at home as to when is appropriate to put the central heating back on


2. The Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt comes to an end!

So here we are with the heating coming on for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening (it's a compromise!) and also the final photos for the Scavenger Hunt hosted by Mary Lou

I've shared previous finds here and here.  So let's fill in the missing gaps!

3 Something to represent home but not the building

House keys next to a picture we have hanging in our hallway

8 Window views

It's amazing how much fun all our grandchildren have playing with this fairy house

9 Something older than you

This little trinket box used to be on my mum's dressing table.  It has several little items inside it, things that obviously had a significance to mum, but we don't know the stories behind them.  One of the things is a stamp from 1940.  Why was it taken off the envelope?  Why did she keep it?   I do know that her fiancé died at the beginning of the war and wonder if this was the stamp on the letter which gave her the news.  We'll never know.

13 Your Marie Kondo moment

This is a bit of a cheat I guess, but the story is based on someone whose life is somewhat changed by Marie Kondo's tidying rules.  I saw a review of it on the other Deb's World blog and like the sound of it, it's a good read!

14 Inside your fridge

Hmm, looks like the wine shelf needed replenishing 😉

20 Decades of sharing - something from the 70s

Now, believe it or not, but this was one of the first jumpers I ever knitted for myself in the late 70s.  Looks like I was pretty ambitious in my abilities back then!  I don't think I'll ever wear it again, but the thought of throwing it away after all those hours of knitting isn't worth contemplating.

Alt A Your COVID safety

This is in place of 15 Your best doodle art - I'm not a doodler so I knew this one was always going to have to be substituted!  At the beginning of lockdown my friend who is an ex needlework teacher made these handy little zip up bags, they are the perfect size to hold a mask, some anti bac gel and some tissues.  All the essentials!  I have to say that this has been the most useful thing in my handbag for the last year and a half!

And that's a wrap!  20 photos!  It's been a lot of fun, thank you so much for putting the list together Mary Lou. If you pop over to her blog you should find a list of the others participating and see how they interpreted the prompts.


Jennifer said...

Such a tidy fridge!:) And your sweater (um, jumper) is beautiful...and your first?! That is impressive - and very smart of you to keep it!! Here's to a lovely October ahead!! Always enjoy dropping by your blog!

Patio Postcards said...

Thanks Deb for joining in with the SPSH - you have found some really good examples. I like the fairy house & how cool is that sign with your name on it. To be able to still wear the first jumper you knitted, that says it was well made.

Ruth said...

You could definitely still wear that jumper ... its very Scandi-looking.
Chuckling at your Marie Kondo moment!

Anne in the kitchen said...

I am beyond impressed with your first knitting project! Some thing defy tossing!

Bless said...

Some great finds for the prompts! Lovely sweater/jumper! Glad you've kept it!

Karen said...

You've had some great finds. I checked them all out. My favorites are the beautiful moon coming up, your wonderful family photo, and the gorgeous sweater you knit. I never got past scarves!

Melissa said...

Wonderful snaps for the hunt! That trinket box is lovely! I must admit that I laughed at the central heating discussion as there's no way we'd have that on here (in Texas) for a few more months.