Monday 11 October 2021

Saturday Sprinkles

 Have you heard of a Baby Sprinkle?  It's a bit like a Baby Shower but to celebrate the forthcoming arrival of a second baby.  The first time around you are 'showered' with gifts and baby equipment, but when you have your next baby you already have all the essential things you need so you are 'sprinkled' with clothes for the new baby and a few treats for the mum.  I had never heard of this before!  Saturday was Sophie's Baby Sprinkle -  it was less about the baby games and more about having a nice meal with all the women in the family and close girl friends.  Bearing in mind that Sophie has four sisters (not to mention one brother!) there were quite a few of us there.  

It was a lovely afternoon; a really delicious meal at a country pub, warm enough to sit outside and it was lovely to give Sophie some gifts ready for the new baby.  So her maternity leave has started and we are all now ticking off the days!  There was a mix of predictions as to the gender of the baby, but we don't have long to wait to find out now.

It looks like I will get that blanket finished on time after all as it is definitely on the homeward stretch ...

Just the border to go now.  For those thinking that it isn't much like a traditional baby blanket, that's because Jon and Sophie are not ones for dressing children in pastels or 'pink for a girl, blue for a boy' so a bright palette was always going to be the way to go!

On the subject of 'babies' - we have discovered that Coco is scared of Rachel's new puppy.  Honestly - scared!  We popped round to see them on our early morning dog walk on Sunday, stepped inside, Daisy ran up to Coco, who literally jumped out of her way.  Right over Daisy's head!  I think we are going to have to gradually introduce them on walks once Daisy has had all her inoculations.  

Here's hoping for a week of warm, dry weather - won't it be lovely if the forecasters get it right?


Patio Postcards said...

Your baby blanket is so pretty, I imagine new little Grand will keep that one wrapped around themselves in years to come. I've not heard of a Baby Sprinkle, probably a good idea; do they do for baby 4 or 5? Oh poor Coco, mind you those little puppies can be quite scary as they dart about so quickly.

Ruth said...

I've never heard of a Baby Sprinkle ... but that just might be my age and the lack of a child old enough to make me a Granny!
That's a lovely blanket and one that I foresee being used for a long time to come.

Jennifer said...

I love your blanket! My, you are talented! How fun to be in the homestretch! What was your guess for the baby's gender:)

alexa said...

That's a beautiful blanket, both in colour and pattern - and I can see it being given lots of use for many years to come. A Baby Sprinkle is new to me too; how lovely for you all to be able to be together and celebrate. said...

That is a beautiful blanket and Jon and Sophie's baby is going to be adorable wrapped up in it. Won't be long now!! I love the colors!! Brennyn is doing grays, tans and browns in her nursery and Lauren has used corals, peach and aqua or teal in the girls' rooms. Even Cady, my 11 year old grand, had a pink and BROWN nursery. Which was different but lovely.

I have heard the term baby sprinkle but had forgotten it. So cute. Brennyn's nursing friends are giving her a shower which should probably be a sprinkle except it has been 11 years since her first shower, and they are starting all over again with baby things. Hope Sophie and Jon received a lot of nice gifts and helpful things and enjoyed a special time with friends and family.

Can't wait to see if you have a second granddaughter or a third grandson. Either way, I know it will be loved and treasured.