Thursday 21 May 2015


In the absence of a 'proper' camera to review - I'm going to freestyle today's Every Day in May post.
Except that left to my own devices I'm not sure what to blog about.  You see the planning of the new kitchen means that my spare time has either been spent shopping, researching or ordering kitchen related things and I haven't had chance to throw myself into anything crafty. 
So I'm going to get my inspiration from Sian who likes a good list and can make a fascinating scrapbook page from things she jots down.  So now my only dilemma is what list I can use.  I could show you my list of things I've had to organise/buy for the above mentioned kitchen but honestly, when I start adding things up it gets a bit worrying so in the interests of my sanity let's not go there!
Let me tell you a bit about my yesterday.  It was my day off so it's a good day to choose:
What I wore - navy and lilac tunic over navy cropped trousers.  Lilac suede ballet pumps which purely coincidentally matched exactly the colour in my tunic.  Don't you love it when that happens?! (I love it because it rarely does happen)
What I saw - the chef from one of our local restaurants doing a demonstration of prosciutto wrapped whole camembert baked in brioche, and lobster 'mac and cheese'.
What I ate - samples of the dishes he cooked (boy oh boy oh boy, were they both delicious) plus a tasting of four English Artisan Cheeses.  If you ever see any of these in a deli - buy them, you won't be disappointed!  College White from the Oxford Cheese Company, Devon Blue from the Ticklemore Cheese Company (worth buying just for the name of the company alone!) Old Winchester from Lyburn Farmhouse and Barkham Blue from the Two Hoots Cheese company.

Don't they serve things beautifully in restaurants? When I offer a cheese board at home it never looks as pretty as this!
I have a confession to make. 
What I did when I got home - In the afternoon I paid for my oven to be professionally cleaned. I've never done that before, always thought it was a bit extravagant but I didn't want to have it installed in the new units in a less than pristine condition and it was somewhat {ahem} unloved. You should see it now! Showroom clean. Needless to say I won't be using it much in the next few weeks. I predict a lot of stir fries. I have to say that it was worth every penny that it cost to have done.  Oven cleaning, right up there with ironing in the list of household chores I don't like!
How would your Wednesday list look?


Sian said...

I love a great list and this is indeed a great list! Isn't it fascinating what you can record even in simple things? Look back in five years time and you'll be able to say..that was my navy and lilac phase! (I love navy and lilac together too)

Cheri said...

My Wednesday list involved a boat load of household cleaning - laundry, general picking up, vacuuming, scrubbing limescale off faucets, and tidying my office so I could take photos for my blog post!