Monday 18 May 2015

Me on The Monday That I Have to Wear a Sarong to Work

I bet no one else spends a Monday at working dressed like this

Honestly the things I have to do! It's the day where I stand on stage in front of 160 Year 10 girls to demonstrate what is inappropriate clothing for work experience. The idea being that my work colleague is showing how you can misunderstand a situation - "I told Mrs Keyworth that it would be hot in the hall and to dress accordingly and she turned up like this" we then go on to explain how black trousers are fine but black leggings are not, knee length skirts are fine but mini skirts aren't etc. which means that not only am I on stage in a sarong which is held up with one knot but I am also holding up examples of clothing which could, let's be honest, end up a disaster! It's also probably the coldest, wettest and windiest day of May ever so a sarong is totally inappropriate! 
Our weekend flew by. A weekend of searching and finding. Searching for a sink and taps - it shouldn't be so hard should it? But I think we've sorted it and to be honest, I'm a bit bored now and am of the opinion that if it holds water and has a place to drain plates and it's less than £200 it's fine.
Finding that friends who we haven't seen for ages are such good friends that we picked up from where we left off. We first met at ante natal classes 29 years ago and were really close until they moved away about 10 years ago but through the wonders of Facebook we've got back in touch. 
Searching for flip flops that had been put away at the end of summer, and finding them in a bag of umbrellas, how did they end up there?
Searching for an old faithful tiramisu recipe and finding it in a long forgotten Delia Smith book at the back of the bookcase.
Searching for boxes to pack up the contents of the kitchen cabinets and um, not finding anything suitable. Still searching on that one!
How's your weekend looking? I'd give up a wave to Sian, but I'm worried the knot on my sarong mIght come undone if I move too much ;-)


helena said...

sounds like a fun lesson and one I'm sure they will remember (and I wish some people who I've interviewed had had). I know what you mean about sinks and taps - how can there be so many on offer and none that meet your checklist?

Ruth said...

Still, as you said, you have the weather for a sarong today ... I seem to recall an earlier post on What Not to Wear, last year, longer than that?
Are you having a new kitchen? Did I miss mention of that? The Brainy One has announced that we should spruce up our 25 year old kitchen cabinets by painting them. Which I know to mean as, "it's my idea, but let's get Jim the Decorator in to actually do it!"

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a very good way to hammer a point home.

Sian said...

Winner of best title of the week! And best dedication to the cause, too. I love that you did could they NOT remember for ever after this? Brilliant.

Abi said...

This is fantastic! Certainly a way for them to remember it! It's freezing and windy here. Not the day for a sarong, unless you want to display (as my mother so aptly calls it) next weeks washing!

Susanne said...

A classic case of teaching a good lesson by showing a bad example. I too bet they remember well. Good luck with your continued searching - you seem to find your treasures eventually.

Cheri said...

Thank heavens you made it through the day without any wardrobe malfunction! I'd have been very uncomfortable in front of my co-workers in that outfit. But you sure look colorful and beachy!