Wednesday 20 May 2015

Where I work

The prompt for today from Cate was to share your work place.  This did not really inspire me but I am determined to keep up with this whole Blog Every Day in May malarkey!  So here I am -
Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of where I work.
It's a secondary school which is girls only for age 11 - 16 and then a mixed sixth form. We've got about 1200 students and I work in the main office as a secretary. There are several buildings on our site, some date back more than 100 years, then several others that have been added on in between so it's a real random mix of styles.
I'm in the main office along with 5 other ladies. We all work different hours on different days and I do feel pretty lucky that they are a great group of girlies. I thought about photographing my desk, but we have to work in a 'clear desk' environment (quite a challenge for a messy person like me!) and there's not much to photograph! A keyboard, a monitor and a few files, trust me, you aren't missing much!  I'm not sure what the benefits of working in a 'clear desk' environment but the Head went to visit a school where the office was pristine and you can guess the rest ...
Cate suggested we share information about how we personalise our space.  But in a tidy desk, there's no room for personal bits and pieces.  I also think that it would be frowned upon as not being professional.  "Why's that?" you ask, well - Years ago (when we had a different Head) I had a calendar of Brad Pitt on my noticeboard and my colleague next to me had George Clooney.  We were asked to remove them as (and I quote) if the girls come into the office and see them - it gives a bad impression that looks are important. Honestly!  Good job she never ventured into the Head of Art's storeroom then, as she had the same calendar I had except she had scanned it and then photoshopped her own face onto every page so it looked like he was looking at her longingly or standing next to her or - let's just say that some were more inventive than others! So to say my work space is boring is an understatement. 
I don't even have a dedicated crafty workspace at home - if I do sewing I move my sewing machine to the dining room and use the table there.  Since we redecorated the study, that's looking scarily like a clear desk too as we haven't got round to putting pictures etc back on the walls.
So apologies for not having much to say today, and apologies to Cate in advance because I'm going to have to freestyle tomorrow's post as I'm supposed to be reviewing my camera.  I only have a little old point and shoot, I leave the 'proper' photography to my husband and I mainly use my iphone!  I will be back - but don't expect photography tips!


Ruth said...

I've never thought much of a clean desk policy ... does someone use your desk when you are not there? Maybe that's the reason? Although I can't imagine anyone not wanting to look at a photo of Coco!

Cheri said...

A messy desk is the hallmark of a creative mind. So I guess the head doesn't want any creativity in the school?

Sian said...

I believe a messy desk shows you are right in the middle of things. I used to have a boss who lived by "tidy desk, tidy mind". But the only way she got her desk tidy was by passing on the work to me..

Susanne said...

A clear desk, the more I scrap the more I think this is a good policy, which I don't adhere too though. My other desk at home is usually in better shape, but that just means the individual piles are still distinct and not melded into one large mess like in my studio.