Sunday 31 May 2015

Day 31 - Every Day in May

I did I it! Blogged every single day in May! 
Today Cate suggests we celebrate by  sharing a picture of how we celebrate the little things. We all know what that means don't we?
You can make a cake fit any occasion.  Having a birthday?  Cake.  Wedding? Cake. Passed an exam? Cake.  Baby shower? Cake.  Finished blogging Every Day in May?  Cake.  Although it has to be a virtual cake as I don't have the cooker to bake a real one at the moment! 
And maybe 

A glass of something fizzy.  Has anyone else seen the scare-mongering stories going around the internet that there is going to be a prosecco shortage?  Better start stock piling I guess.  Although if everyone did that, it would actually add to the shortage situation.  I actually prefer it to champagne - which is a good thing because prosecco is one heck of a lot cheaper than champagne!  I also love the fact that you can buy these half size bottles because my husband isn't a huge fan of the fizzy stuff and it means I can enjoy a glass (or two) while he has a beer.  Opening a bottle of champagne would feel a little too over the top (whilst ensuring that I ended up under the table)

So that's it - May, finished.  Every single day.  Thanks to Cate for inspiring me to join in and getting me back in the frequent bloggers brigade.
What have we got to look forward to in June?  The event that we've all been waiting for maybe?  Rinda's Scavenger Hunt 2015.  I wonder what will be on the list this year that will drive us all crazy?  Remember the year we were all hunting down unicycles?  Or the year we spent our time looking at the sky trying to find a picture in a cloud?  I can't wait to see what is on the list this time.  I do hope you'll be joining in too.  It's so easy to take part.  Either just as a private challenge, on your blog, through the facebook group or the instagram hashtag. 


Sian said...

Well done you!

Jo.C said...

I'm impressed and thanks for your kind comment - made me smile. After D's 18th we may be partly responsible for the shortage - 12 bottles of fizz received and a fair few drunk. Enjoy x

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Yes, flagging it up in the press was only going to add to the prosecco shortage, I thought. Well done on a month of blogging. I haven't commented on every one, but I think I've read (and enjoyed) them all. It prompted me to go back and read through my own month of daily blogging, way back in October 2011. A trip down memory lane.