Friday 15 May 2015

If I were a millionaire

I bought a lottery ticket on Friday for the Euromillions draw.  I woke up on Saturday with an email from National Lottery telling me that I needed to log into my account as my ticket was a winner.  It had matched one number with one lucky star and I had won ... £6.40.  Not quite enough to change my life!  But supposing it had been a million?  Well ... coincidentally, that's what today's prompt is on the Blog every day in May challenge!
  • I don't want a big country house in the middle of nowhere.  I like where I live and now it's just the two of us, we really don't need anywhere larger. I'd definitely pay off that last bit of mortgage though. I think I'd give our daughter some money to move to a larger house and the same amount to our son to get him on the property ladder.  I've probably spent half my million now haven't I?
  • I'm not one for ostentatious cars and I love my mini which is only a year old and my husband is happy with his new car so I don't think a garage showroom will be seeing my money!
  • We're about to completely refurbish our kitchen so maybe instead of making do with our existing equipment, I'd go mad and buy a new cooker, fridge freezer etc.
  • It wouldn't take me long to decide that I'd give up my job.  I only do 22 hours a week and I could easily put aside the equivalent of 8 years salary to see me to retirement.
  • Thinking about my wardrobe and how I tend to make clothes last as long as possible in order to 'get my money's worth', I would probably have a little retail therapy.
  • I can't think of a better place in which to think about what to spend the rest of the money on than a sunlounger in the sunshine in Italy.  In fact I think I'd take quite a few more trips to Italy!  There's still a lot to see and it will be great to be able to go outside of school holidays as I wouldn't be working at a school!
  • There are a few charities which are dear to me and I would like to think that some of my winnings would be put to good use by donating some to them.
Turns out I don't have very ostentatious desires at all!  It is true to say that I am so fortunate in that I am content with my life as it is and whilst that million would of course be very welcome, I don't think I'd make too many radical changes.
Of course, spending that £6.40 didn't take very long at all!



Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Good post. It shows that you're pretty content with your life as it is and that money wouldn't change much. Travel would be high on my list and with my first born headed to uni a bit of extra money would certainly come in handy around here.

Sian said...

It's an interesting question. Apart from giving some away I think the only fantasy item I'd like is a flat somewhere..maybe London?..for extended holiday stays

Cheri said...

Actually a million doesn't really go that far in today's world and wouldn't last long enough to make huge changes in anyone's life. Luckily enough we are all pretty happy the way things are!

Ruth said...

More travel for me ... and money for The Boy Child to go to university (if he's able) ... donating some to charity ... I'd like my million pounds to do an awful lot!

alexa said...

It's been a very interesting read and refreshing to see how content you are with such a lot of your life. Me? I think the only thing I'd love for myself would be a teeny weeny Romahome to make the most of travelling.

Susanne said...

It was interesting to hear what you would do with the money. I'd give some away to charities benefiting kids and educational endeavors like scholarships or libraries. Splurge some on our own kids, of course. I like my own home just fine for now too, but would indulge hubby with a small cabin/cottage on a lake. And a trip to Europe would be high on the list. And some in the bank - I like the security of that.