Sunday 22 November 2020

22nd Day of Gratitude

 Today's prompt is Good Health

Now I'm not a fitness fanatic, I haven't been inside a gym for about 15 years, but one thing I do enjoy to keep myself healthy is my Zumba class.  It's such good fun!  My teacher has managed to move her classes onto Zoom so we could keep going through lockdown, we returned briefly for a few weeks to restricted numbers in a Covid safe hall, and are now currently back to Zoom.  

I really enjoy Zumba, it's a great mix of musics and dance styles.  My teacher is Venezuelan and likes to incorporate a lot of latin dances into our routines.  One dance style I never really thought I would enjoy was Bollywood.  I was wrong - I love it!  When she tells us to put on our belly dancing skirts I immediately smile.  There's something about hearing those coin skirts jingle as you shake your hips!

View from above!

One piece of advice when doing your Zumba class via Zoom in your lounge?  Always remember to close the curtains just in case the window cleaner turns up half way through the session! (It has happened 😳 )

PS Daily Update - Quite apart from the fact that Rosie couldn't have all the normal family and friends visitors on her 2nd birthday, even her daddy was missing during the afternoon.  He spent 5 hours in A&E with an inflamed appendix!  Fortunately it seems to be 'just' inflammation at the moment, but speaking as someone who has had appendicitis and also who saw how much pain Rachel was in just before she had hers removed, we are all crossing fingers that it calms down and doesn't progress. This is not what they need in the week leading up to moving house!


Barbara Eads said...

I have done so many different exercise classes over the years. I've always been active. I did love my Jazzercies classes too. Now I mostly walk, but I definitely enjoyed this dance routines!

Patio Postcards said...

A late post from you ... ummm I hope it doesn't mean that your SiL had to have surgery. Sending lots of positive healing thoughts.

I do like you Zumba shaker skirt.

Susanne said...

Zumba with a jangly skirt does sound like more fun that exercise! I stopped and said a quick prayer for a self-healing appendix and a calm house move. Fingers crossed it all works out too.

alexa said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds like it could be serious, the inflamed appendix. In my day, they'd whip it out asap. Hoping that all will be well - you must all be on tenterhooks, what with the move. Love your Bollywood skirt - such fun!

Liz said...

I loved going to zumba but then discovered line dancing and found that I could manage that as I didn't have to move my arms as well as my feet!!!
I hope Rosie's daddy is doing OK.

Ruth said...

Bollywood Zumba is great fun! I'm so grateful for online exercise classes right now.
Do hope the appendix has stopped grumbling.