Saturday 7 November 2020

7th day of gratitude

Today's prompt is Warm Clothes.

One thing I am really grateful for this time of year is warm clothes.  I really don't like being cold and as I am prone to getting cramp in my toes, I especially don't like having cold feet, so please let me introduce you to my hand knitted sock collection!

Several years ago I was inspired to learn how to knit socks by a lovely blogger by the name of Sian.  She is such a creative person and we 'met' in blogland when we both signed up for a scrapbooking course run by Shimelle.  Much to my regret, Sian no longer blogs, I think she may be a bit too busy helping run a wool shop in her home town in Ireland.  I can't think of a more perfect person to run a wool shop as she was so talented with her knitting.  She gave me the confidence to buy my first circular needle set and with a bit of encouragement and a few youtube videos when it came to  dealing with the heel, I was soon wearing my first pair of home made socks.  Once you've worn a pair of 'proper' socks, nothing else comes close to the warmth and I was hooked.  The first pair I made is the pink and purple pair on the right and let's just say I learnt a lot from that pair, and they aren't the most perfect shape or fit however, onwards and upwards by the time I started on the brighter blue and mustard ones, I knew where I'd gone wrong and how to make them fit my foot properly.

Before anyone thinks I am incredibly clever in knitting such intricate patterns in the stripes, I will confess that it's all down to randomised colours in the wool which creates a natural fair isle pattern as you knit, I had nothing to do with it, it just happened!

Looking at this basket of warmth, I'm tempted to buy another ball of wool and make another pair!  It will be a perfect winter lockdown project!

PS Daily update - decided to support our local Italian restaurant by ordering a takeaway pizza last night.  I'm keen to support independent companies at this difficult time as I want them still in business when we are allowed out again.  The big chains will have more chance of surviving, but this is a small family run Sicilian restaurant which relies on customers continuing to use them.  We rarely order takeaways unless we are meeting up with friends for an Indian meal so this was a real treat for us!

Re our covid tests, Leslie mentioned that we should be paid for having them so frequently so I would just like to say that we are!  As an incentive we receive £25 each in vouchers which can be used in a huge variety of shops for every test we take so if you get a letter of invitation - be sure to accept!  


alexa said...

Such gorgeous socks! The patterns are colours are lovely and I am sure Sian wold be very pleased to know that she had inspired you :). Wow, that's a great incentive to keep having the tests - wish it was possible to sign up!

Barbara Eads said...

Well, if it weren't for Sian, I would never have met you!! I. miss her blog. I was always impressed with her knitting skills. I can knit, but have never tackled socks. I'm funny about how things feel on my feet. I wasn't sure if there might be bumpy things. Your socks are just as beautiful as hers!! That's a perfect picture for your warm and cozy prompt!

Ruth said...

Love your socks! I am lucky to have two pairs of socks knitted by Sian - I think about her every time I wear them. :)

Susanne said...

What a cozy, colorful collection! I miss Sian's blog too, wish I had her way with words - because I know I have neither her or your patience for knitting.

♥ Liz ♥ said...

I love your sock collection. I'm in between crochet projects at the moment so maybe now is the time to learn how make my own :0)