Monday 2 November 2020

2nd Day of Gratitude

 Today's prompt is for Fresh Produce and I was tempted to pop into the supermarket and take a snap of the fruit and veg aisle but then I realised that I had something that perfectly displayed the best of British produce already in my fridge.

In my opinion nothing tastes quite so nice as a fresh British strawberry.  They are at the end of their season now and whilst we can still buy strawberries that have been imported from overseas throughout the winter, they do not have the luscious, juicy strawberry flavour that British ones have.  This will probably be the last pack that I buy before the season starts again next year so we will make the most of them.

Imagine a bowl of these, sitting in the sun with a glass of champagne, a little cream poured over them, watching the Wimbledon final.  Bliss.

PS Daily news - lockdown happening in 3 days time.  Fortunately no queues to get into supermarket this morning and shelves well stocked so fingers crossed there will not be panic buying this time around.  Stocked up on dog food for Coco, I know where my priorities lie!


Patio Postcards said...

Those strawberries do look tasty. Let's hope everyone remains calm when shopping - we have all learnt so much in the last 8 months about hoarding.

alexa said...

That's a great idea for fresh produce - they look luscious and tempting. Yes to sun and Wimbledon and a glass of bubbly :).

Ruth said...

I love strawberries and the weird fact that they are the only fruit to have their seeds on the outside. So now you know. :) said...

Coco thanks you, mommy, for getting her food in before the lockdown is put in effect. Glad you were able to avoid the queues by going early. We need to do our big grocery shopping for November but want to see how I feel before I buy all the stuff for our big Thanksgiving meal in 3 weeks. Thinking I should be operating at 100% but want to be sure.

I took a bunch of produce pictures at the market but really prefer a photo I took about a month ago of the ingredients for our smoothies. Wound up putting the later on my Instagram page for today's prompt.

Mmmm, fresh strawberries, cream and a glass of champagne. How delightful. Your strawberries are so rich in color and I love the simple bowl and mat you set them on. Simple, lovely photograph.

Barbara Eads said...

I'm glad to hear that people aren't panicking this time around. We don't know what's going to happen here, but I bought a big pack of toilet paper to be on the safe side. As for those strawberries, a glass of champagne alone with them sounds wonderful!

Susanne said...

We have strawberries in our fridge too; but they do taste as though they were grown in a hot house. Thanks for the mention about Coco's food, as it reminds me I have a coupon at the Pet Food Center that expires tomorrow. I'd better make a run today. Although we don't have Duke except on occasion, my son will be glad for a free bag of food for him.