Sunday 29 November 2020

What would Leo do?

 We are two days away from our second lockdown here in England, and once that ends our area (along with most of England) will be in Tier 2 which is full of restrictions.  The rules about who we can and cannot see now, and then in the days over Christmas are still strict and it would be easy to become a bit despondent as Lockdown fatigue sets in.  

It's not like that for all of us though.

Leo and Rosie have been spending time here while their mum and dad move everything into the new house, and yesterday we combined a dog walk with a walk round there to see how things were progressing.  Leo was full of beans and excited to see his new bedroom.  Once he'd inspected all he wanted to see, we came back home to have some tea.  He's just learnt how to skip, so he was running ahead, then skipping along.  It was dusk and a lot of houses along the way had already put up their Christmas decorations and there were lots of twinkling lights wherever we looked.  He was SO excited, and as he skipped along holding onto Rosie's buggy, he turned to me and said 'Nanny, this is going to be the best Christmas ever!'

So when I'm feeling down, and fed up with not being able to do things we would like to do, or have family here for lunch like we would normally do, or just see a friend for a coffee I'm going to try and channel my inner Leo and see the things that are allowed, the things we can do, and the things that make us smile and remember that Christmas is just around the corner and every day that passes is a day closer to normality returning.


Patio Postcards said...

Leo is a wise old soul - it will be the best Christmas. I haven't skipped any where in a long time, but maybe Leo is on to something, so maybe this is something we should all do this week to cheer ourselves.

Ruth said...

Hooray for Leo - he certainly has the best attitude. On a Zoom call with the family yesterday, we all agreed to stay home on Christmas Day. We all felt it was the most sensible option. And we'll be able to walk our dogs together for a short period over Christmas, so it's not as if we won't see each other - walks in the woods and turkey sandwiches in our picnics. :)

Fingers crossed, we're on the downwards slope towards a global vaccine and a reemergence into some sort of normality. Even though it might feel like it, this current situation won't last forever. said...

Oh, that darling baby!! So glad his enthusiasm is contagious. I have been hopeful that we would be able to be with Lucia and Cami for Christmas but beginning to worry that may not be. Glad the kids are getting moved into their beautiful new home before the holidays so Santa can find them.

Prayers that we all soon have the vaccine at hand and that by spring life can begin to return to normal.

Barbara Eads said...

Being able to be with Leo and Rosie should definitely take the edge off!